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The Center of Portugal is a region full of beautiful destinations to discover, and Tomar is one of them. Tomar is exceptionally beautiful, settled along the banks of Nabão River, full of history and incredible architecture.

Check out this list of 10 reasons why Tomar should be on your bucket list.  

#01 History: Tomar was the former seat of the Order of the Knights Templar

Tomar has a fascinating history, and it’s one of the most important places in Templar History. The city was founded in 1160 and it was the former seat of the Order of the Knights Templar. During the 13th century, Tomar was one of the most influential towns on the Iberian Peninsula.

The Order of the Knights was based at the Convent of Christ (Convento de Cristo), and it has left wonderful legacies around the area, such as the wonderful Almourol Castle.  

#02 Location: Center of Portugal


Tomar is located in the Santarém District, Center of Portugal, between Lisbon and Porto. It’s easily accessible by car or by train: from Lisbon, there is a direct train and, from Porto, you should change in the Entroncamento train station. 

The Center of Portugal is one of the seven regions of Portugal and it’s full of beautiful destinations. Discover everything here.

What can we do in Entroncamento?

#03 Picturesque Streets


My advice is: take your time, get lost between the beautiful streets and discover every corner. The marvellous historic center is filled with ancient churches, and wonderful cobbled streets. The main square is amazing, and it’s surrounded by little shops, cafes, and restaurants.

#04 Architecture: The Castle and the Convent of Christ 


When in Tomar, climbing up to the Templar Castle and discovering the outstanding Convent of Christ is a must-do! The Convent of Christ was built for five centuries (starting in 1160), and it’s one of the most amazing buildings from the Medieval Age. It has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage site since 1983. Also, you should visit the beautiful Manueline Window in the Chapter Hall. 

In other words, the Window of the Convent of Christ is out of this world.

#05 Nabão River


The Nabão River passes through Tomar, and it makes the city even more beautiful.

Firstly, the river was used for agriculture and factories. Now, it’s used as enjoyment. There are funny activities, such as renting a boat and enjoying the calm waters of the river.

#06 The Synagogue of Tomar


The Synagogue of Tomar (Museu Luso-Hebraico Abraão Zacuto) is one of the best well-preserved medieval synagogues and, at the time of the Renaissance, it was the only Jewish building in Portugal.It’s a small place, located in Jewish Quarter, close to the main square.

#07 Nature: pretty gardens and parks

There are small gardens and forest parks around the town. One of the most famous is the National Forest of Seven Hills (perfect to be far from the hustle and bustle of the city!).

#08 Traditional Events: Tabuleiros Festival

The Tabuleiros Festival is one of the most famous festivals in Portugal, and it takes place in Tomar every four years.

#09 The Almourol Castle


Nearby Tomar, there is a castle, an impressive and magnificent castle. Its location is a privilege: a rugged island, surrounded by the waters of the Tagus River, and immersed in legends and mysteries: the Almourol Castle.

The Almourol Castle is one of the most remarkable buildings which I have visited.

It’s located only a half-hour drive from Tomar. Or, as I have done, a one hour journey by train.

#10 Food: Taverna Antiqua


Last, but maybe the most exciting part of our trip, the restaurant that serves history on the plate: Taverna Antiqua. Taverna Antiqua is located in the main square, and there are so many reasons to visit: the delicious food, the friendly staff, and the wonderful atmosphere

It's an experience that I won't forget. Discover everything here.

And now, what are you waiting for to schedule your visit? 


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