20 Nov

Arcos de Valdevez is located in Northern Portugal. It is a lovely village, surrounded by astonishing natural beauty. The river Vez rises in the Serra da Peneda, Soajo, and silently crosses the village. The mountains surround the small town, and the traces of Portuguese rural life are visible. 


I am not capable of describing the tranquil scenery. Beyond all the natural beauty, Arcos de Valdevez is a historical village, as well. According to the legend, there was a battle in this region, and it was here that the Portuguese Kingdom was created. Maybe someone will tell you the Portuguese quote: “Arcos de Valdevez, onde Portugal se fez”, which means: Arcos de Valdevez, where Portugal was originated.

There are so many reasons to visit Arcos de Valdevez, several places to discover, and fall in love with. 

Let’s discover everything together.

#1 The Village Bridge, from 19th century  

The village bridge is one of the landmarks. Every time I visit Arcos de Valdevez, it is a pleasure to my eyes admiring the stunning landscape. The bridge connects both banks of Arcos de Valdevez, and it was constructed during the 19th century, to replace the original medieval bridge.  


#2 The Baroque Heritage 

If you’re interested in baroque style, Arcos de Valdevez is the perfect place to visit. At Igreja do Espírito Santo, you are going to find the Centro Interpretativo do Barroco (Interpretive Center of Baroque), a museum where you can learn more about Baroque Art. It is also in Arcos de Valdevez that starts the Baroque Route, a journey through several places where baroque style is present. 

Delight your eyes with the beautiful, rich details, and outstanding works of gilded woodwork.


#3 Ecovia do Vez

Ecovia do Vez goes along Lima and Vez rivers, with a total length of 32,5 kilometers. It starts in Jolda S. Paio, and it ends in Sistelo (or the other way around). For those who are passionate about beautiful landscapes, and are looking for an immersion experience in nature, this is an excellent way to do it.

#4 Sistelo

Sistelo is an authentic village that represents the best of ancient Portuguese origins, with an outstanding landscape that will catch your heart. There are so many reasons to visit the region, but, of course, the terraces (Socalcos in Portuguese) that shape the landscape provide a unique view.


#5 Porta do Mezio 

Porta do Mezio is one of the entrances to Peneda-Gerês National Park. If you do not know, there are five entrances to Peneda-Gerês National Park. Every gate of Peneda Gerês National Park is a reception for those who want to visit the National Park. In addition to Porta do Mezio, the other gates are: Lamas de Mouro, Lindoso, Montalegre, and Campo do Gerês. 

One of the most famous places in Mezio is Baloiço do Mezio, the giant wooden swing on top of the mountain. A great tip: this place is one of my favorites to watch the sunset.

In addition, several archaeological vestiges are attesting to human occupation in the region. Make sure you visit Núcleo Arqueológico do Mezio. Anta do Mezio is a funerary moment, and it is a great example, built about 5000 years.


#6 Soajo

Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, Soajo welcomes us with the peaceful atmosphere, and the distinctive architecture. It is a pleasure to walk around the beautiful, narrow streets. Soajo is a pretty, little village, well-known for its unique “Espigueiros”.


#7 Paço de Giela 

The Manor House of Giela, or Paço de Giela, is a remarkable example of private and civil medieval and modern architecture.

Paço de Giela is a must-go. It was a very important place during the creation of the Kingdom of Portugal.Today, the castle stands on top of a hill, with a breathtaking view over the area. Inside the tower, you can find some exhibitions to understand its history and the importance of this place.


#8 Food and Wine

Traditional gastronomy tells us so much about a place, right? 

Arcos de Valdevez is one of these places where food and wine reflect the best of the region. Arcos de Valdevez is located within the Vinho Verde Region. The demarcated Vinho Verde Region extends across the northwest of Portugal. It is the largest Portuguese demarcated region, and one of the largest in Europe. Alvarinho is the most popular variety of grapes in this region. 

In Arcos de Valdevez, meat is the star of the dishes. The mouthwatering steaks comfort our eyes and our belly: tender, juicy, succulent… Delicious! One of the most famous is Cachena breed cows. 

As a dessert, you should taste the sweet “Charutos dos Arcos”.


#9 Relaxing Stay 

Located on the banks of the River Vez, Luna Arcos Hotel welcomes us with a peaceful atmosphere, a cosy environment, and comfortable areas. Luna Arcos Hotel is a great place to stay, and a fantastic starting point to start our discovery around the area.

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#10 Peaceful Atmosphere, surrounded by pure nature

Arcos de Valdevez is a small, lovely town, surrounded by astonishing natural beauty. River Vez slowly crosses the village, leaving behind a sense of peace and tranquillity. The mountains embrace the area, and the traces of Portuguese rural life are visible, and every detail reflects the authenticity of the Minho region. 


Are these enough reasons to schedule your visit, right now?


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