Portugal: Entrudo Chocalheiro, Caretos de Podence
  •  28-02-2022 14:20

There are traditions we must preserve, right? The ancient Carnival in the village of Podence, northern Portugal, is one of them.

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The Historical Villages of Portugal: Welcome to Marialva!
  •  21-01-2022 18:12

On top of the hill, Marialva greets visitors with attractiveness, which just ancient places have: the imposing castle, narrow streets, and robust stone buildings. Time has definitely stopped in Marialva, and rightly so.

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Portugal: explore the monumental Santuário da Peneda
  •  19-01-2022 18:05

In the heart of Peneda Gerês National Park, surrounded by a magnificent natural environment, there is a monumental sanctuary: Santuário da Peneda.

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Casal de São Simão: discover the one-street Portuguese Village
  •  18-01-2022 16:21

Casal de São Simão is a small village of just one street! The village is located in Figueiró dos Vinhos, in the mountainous hillsides of Serra da Lousã.

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Portugal: 3 simple reasons why you should visit Pitões das Júnias
  •  15-01-2022 14:34

Authentic, beautiful, and quiet, Pitões das Júnias is one of these traditional villages, surrounded by a majestic landscape, where time seems to stop.

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7 Reasons why I love Cascais, Portugal
  •  15-12-2021 10:08

Cascais is a charming Portuguese village, with the perfect seaside location. Cascais is gorgeous, and it looks like an idyllic place to spend wonderful moments. Ready?

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Secret Places in Portugal? Ponte do Mineiro, Bragança
  •  11-12-2021 14:45

Ponte do Mineiro is an old bridge, located in Argozelo, that was used by the miners who worked in the mines of Ribeira. The bridge has 35 meters in length, and it is suspended 10 meters above the Sabor River.

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Secret Places in Portugal? Castelo do Outeiro, Bragança
  •  11-12-2021 14:35

Castelo de Outeiro is located in a rural area, at the top of Monte do Castelo, on a hill 800 meters high.

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Autumn in Portugal? Cool mornings in Gimonde, Bragança.
  •  09-12-2021 16:28

There is a little Portuguese village, located in the municipality of Bragança, which welcomes us with the most genuine traits of the Portuguese rural life: Gimonde.

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Northern Portugal? 10 Reasons to visit Arcos de Valdevez
  •  20-11-2021 14:24

Arcos de Valdevez is located in Northern Portugal. It is a lovely village, surrounded by astonishing natural beauty.

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Alto Minho? 10 Routes to discover the Region
  •  31-10-2021 17:23

There’s something special about Alto Minho Region. It’s the charm of the valleys, the authenticity of the little villages, the rivers, all the stories and legends, the ancient traditions.

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Óbidos: the eternal romantic Portuguese Village
  •  14-10-2021 12:14

Óbidos is a medieval village, and it has had a huge strategic importance in the territory. The well-preserved castle, the fortification, and the stunning cobblestone streets are adorable, and every corner looks like a postcard.

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