Lago di Sorapis: The Shimmering Turquoise Lake
  •  26-10-2021 09:03

The Italian Dolomites are a treasure for those who are completely passionate about breathtaking landscapes. Lago di Sorapis is one of its preciousness.

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The Towering Stone Giants of Picos de Europa
  •  22-10-2021 14:36

There’re no doubts, the beautiful Asturian landscapes have caught my heart since the first moment.

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Lago di Braies - A Treasure of Dolomites
  •  21-10-2021 12:28

Are you a nature lover? Are you fond of dreaming landscapes and peaceful places?

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Fragas do Eume: have you ever felt as wandering around in a fairytale?
  •  20-10-2021 14:27

If there are elves and fairies living somewhere, they are living here in Fragas do Eume, hidden but lurking around, between the immensity shades of green and the murmur of Eume river.

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Paiva Walkways: walking through an unique natural environment
  •  03-06-2021 16:21

Paiva Walkways are one the most famous walkways, surrounded by an impressive and unique natural environment.

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516 Arouca: the World’s Longest Pedestrian Suspension Bridge
  •  03-06-2021 16:06

The Longest Pedestrian Suspension Bridge opens in Portugal: I’m pleased to present the 516 Arouca. Bridge 516 Arouca is located in Arouca Geopark

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Tomar: 10 Reasons why you should visit Tomar right now
  •  02-05-2021 16:42

The Center of Portugal is a region full of beautiful destinations to discover, and Tomar is one of them. Tomar is exceptionally beautiful, settled along the banks of Nabão River, full of history and incredible architecture.

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Castro Laboreiro: Looking for the Lost Turtle
  •  11-04-2021 18:49

Castro Laboreiro is located in Melgaço, in Peneda Gerês National Park, a remote and unique place surrounded by monumental mountains.

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Berlengas: do you dare to enter this adventure?
  •  03-04-2021 14:24

The dramatic natural scenery with craggy rock formations and, at the same time, the crystal-clear turquoise water, turn it into a perfect dazzling environment.

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Sistelo: beauty and authenticity
  •  02-04-2021 14:56

Located in the north of Portugal, in Arcos de Valdevez, Sistelo is an authentic village that represents the best of ancient Portuguese origins, with an outstanding landscape that will catch your heart.

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5 Places not to miss in Picos de Europa
  •  21-03-2021 16:24

Spread across the provinces of Asturias, Cantabria and León, there’s a unique natural park, with a matchless beauty, where you can discover a diverse range of activities - it’s crystal clear that I’m talking about Picos de Europa National Park.

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Almourol Castle - Natural Beauty and an Enigmatic Past
  •  23-02-2021 20:03

In the center of Portugal, there is a castle, an impressing and magnificent castle. Its location is a privilege: a rugged island, surrounded by the waters of the Tagus River, and immersed in legends and mysteries.

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