Portugal: explore the monumental Santuário da Peneda
  •  19-01-2022 18:05

In the heart of Peneda Gerês National Park, surrounded by a magnificent natural environment, there is a monumental sanctuary: Santuário da Peneda.

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Casal de São Simão: discover the one-street Portuguese Village
  •  18-01-2022 16:21

Casal de São Simão is a small village of just one street! The village is located in Figueiró dos Vinhos, in the mountainous hillsides of Serra da Lousã.

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Italy? 6 unforgettable days in Northern Italy
  •  26-10-2021 19:45

Travelling to Italy is always a good idea. If you’re thinking about visiting Northern Italy, there are some places which should be on your list: Milan, Verona, Dolomites, and Venice.

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Fuente Dé Cable Car: your ride to the wonderland kingdom
  •  26-10-2021 09:54

In the heart of Picos de Europa National Park, Fuente Dé Cable Car takes us through the most vertiginous ascent to a wonderland kingdom.

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Lago di Sorapis: The Shimmering Turquoise Lake
  •  26-10-2021 09:03

The Italian Dolomites are a treasure for those who are completely passionate about breathtaking landscapes. Lago di Sorapis is one of its preciousness.

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The Towering Stone Giants of Picos de Europa
  •  22-10-2021 14:36

There’re no doubts, the beautiful Asturian landscapes have caught my heart since the first moment.

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Lago di Braies - A Treasure of Dolomites
  •  21-10-2021 12:28

Are you a nature lover? Are you fond of dreaming landscapes and peaceful places?

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Paiva Walkways: walking through an unique natural environment
  •  03-06-2021 16:21

Paiva Walkways are one the most famous walkways, surrounded by an impressive and unique natural environment.

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516 Arouca: the World’s Longest Pedestrian Suspension Bridge
  •  03-06-2021 16:06

The Longest Pedestrian Suspension Bridge opens in Portugal: I’m pleased to present the 516 Arouca. Bridge 516 Arouca is located in Arouca Geopark

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Capela Nossa Senhora da Lapa
  •  15-05-2021 20:32

It’s time to spill the beans and show you another outstanding place: Capela Nossa Senhora da Lapa.

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Cíes Islands: 5 Unmissable things to discover a true paradise
  •  27-04-2021 14:53

Summer is just around the corner, and it’s time to discover a new paradise, right? If you're a thalassophile, in other words, someone who loves the sea and the ocean, visiting the Cíes Islands is a must!

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Castro Laboreiro: Looking for the Lost Turtle
  •  11-04-2021 18:49

Castro Laboreiro is located in Melgaço, in Peneda Gerês National Park, a remote and unique place surrounded by monumental mountains.

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