26 Oct

The Italian Dolomites are a treasure for those who are completely passionate about breathtaking landscapes. Nothing can prepare us for the outstanding mountain scenery. Lago di Sorapis is one of its preciousness. 


Maybe, you have already seen many pictures, which highlight the stunning turquoise and milky water, surrounded by the dramatic stone peaks of Mount Sorapis. I’m sure, it’s a dreamy spot, right? You should know, in advance, that the best time to visit the lake is during Spring and Summer. 

I have dreamt about visiting Lago di Sorapis for a while. Finally, my dream came true with a fun surprise. It was the middle of October, the region was outrageously beautiful, with Autumn colors, just my kind of mountain delight. However, a huge surprise was waiting for me at the end of the path… Autumn is not the best time to visit the lake, as I sadly discovered when I saw that the beautiful milky water had vanished.


Please, don't misunderstand me. I was a bit sad, and it took me a few seconds to recover from the shock. Nevertheless, quickly the scenery took my breath away (and I could appreciate the little water that remained!).

Lago di Sorapis is protected by UNESCO. It’s a glacial lake, located at 1925 meters above sea level. The pure water is created by the fine rock dust with the meltwater from the nearby glacier. Here, it’s forbidden to swim. 

The Trail 215 is a bit challenging, along narrow paths with metal stairs and metal ropes. You must be careful and proceed with caution. Though, I’m sure you will love every second, you should prepare your heart for a pleasant walk through the woods, while you are amazed by epic landscapes. Of course, if you are luckier than me, the best part is when the beautiful lake shows up before your eyes.



How to get Lago di Sorapis?

This hike begins from the car park at Passo Tre Croci, nearby Cortina d’Ampezzo. 

The only way to get to Lago di Sorapis is to hike (13 kilometers, round trip). It takes you around 2 or 3 hours to get there. The hike isn’t circular, it means you need to take the same way back.

Information about Trail 215

Distance: 13 km Time: 4 - 5 hours

Type: Linear

Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult

Starting Point: Passo Tre Croci

Elevation: 725 meters

Useful Information: The Trail 215 is a bit challenging, along narrow paths with metal stairs and metal ropes. You must be careful and proceed with caution. There’s a shelter on the lake: the Rifugio Vandelli.

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