10 Aug

Traveling around Portugal is (always!) a wonderful way to spend your summer. This small and beautiful country has everything you need for unforgettable moments.

Aveiro is one of these places: colorful, unique, and romantic, with so much to do and see.


Aveiro is a maritime city, located right on the shore of a lagoon, and it’s crisscrossed by canals. This is the reason why Aveiro is also known as the “Portuguese Venice”, but I’m not a big fan of this title. Why do we need to compare?

Aveiro is special, there are so many reasons to fall in love. First of all, the city canals work like true water roads where Moliceiros (local boats) sail through town. Secondly, the stunning architecture, the colorful houses on the banks of the city’s canals, the charm of the Art Nouveau buildings, softly kissed by the sunlight. Clearly, we can’t forget to taste the delicious Ovos Moles (literally, soft eggs). And why not learn more about salt production? There are plenty of reasons to schedule your visit right now… but, today, I’m going to tell you the four experiences that you can’t miss.



And, don’t forget, check out all the photos from Aveiro.

#01 Discover everything about Ovos Moles 


At Oficina do Doce, you will find the most enjoyable way to discover everything about the origin and the production of Ovos Moles - the Ovos Moles Workshop.

Ovos Moles are made with egg yolks and sugar, sold in wooden barrels or wrapped in a crunchy wafer. There are many shapes, all of them are inspired by the proximity to the ocean.


In the past, the egg whites had been used by nuns at the convents to iron their habitats. The question was, what can they do with so many egg yolks? Fortunately for all the sweet tooth, the answer was Ovos Moles. In addition, you should know that each Ovo Mole has (only!) 70 kcal, while a Pastel de Nata has around 230 kcal. Now, it’s time to eat without guilt, right?


In the end, nothing better than to taste and let these delicacies conquer your stomach (and your heart!) and try one, or more.


#02 Take a tour around the city on a Moliceiro Boat


Could you think of a better way to discover the city than by water?

The local boats are called Moliceiros. They were made to harvest the “Moliço”, the seaweed in the lagoon. Also, they were used to transport salt.


Now, they are used for tourist cruises. Get on board and enjoy a tour around the city, you will love it.

There are many companies and the tour takes around 45 minutes.


#03 Visit the Salt Pans and discover everything about salt production


Salt production has played an important role in Aveiro’s economy but, during the last years, the activity has been decreasing. 


Currently, there are a few salt pans where you can learn and understand all the processes, from the way how the pools are organised to the last stage: the harvest. The “Marnoto” is the person responsible - the salt-master.  


I had been to Marinha da Noeirinha and I loved it. The guided tour was really interesting, and we even had the opportunity to taste “Salicórnia”, also known as “''asparagus of the sea''. I need to admit, I liked it, it was a bit salty and super crunchy!


Additionally, to the guided tour, I had decided to take care of my skin in the Salt SPA (it costs € 2,50).


#04 Enjoy the peaceful wooden walkways in Aveiro


Last but not the least, the wooden walkways in Aveiro are a true treasure, and the perfect place to get closer to the natural environment.


Aveiro walkways start nearby Canal de São Roque but don’t be fooled, it’s still a long walk from Canal São Roque to Ribeira de Esgueira, where the walkways start (around 45 minutes walking). One nice option to get there could be the Buga bicycles. Aveiro provides free bicycles for you to rent in the city center. 


I recommend you spend an entire day walking around the walkways. The route has a total of 5 kilometers but, for those who prefer something longer, the journey can continue to Estarreja.

If you are fond of wooden walkways, you should discover the most famous walkways in Portugal: Paiva Walkways.

Where to sleep?


During my last visit to Aveiro, I stayed at Hotel do Mercado, and I simply loved it. 

Comfy, clean, and very friendly, the hotel is located between the city center and the train station. So, it’s perfect for those who arrive by train. The breakfast is amazing, full of delicious options.

Where to eat?


For lunch, I ate a delicious “Francesinha”, a Portuguese sandwich originally from Porto, at Alicarius Restaurant.


I was missing Grilled Limpets from Madeira Island, so I decided to have dinner at Canal Madeirense

A last tip: don’t leave Portugal without tasting Codfish.



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