30 May

Whatever your reason for visiting Tomar, you should consider Taverna Antiqua as a must go! 

In the heart of the templar city, there is a restaurant that serves history on the plate. That’s right, the experience in Taverna Antiqua seems like travelling through time. The destination? The Middle Ages!

The entire place is a tribute to our ancestors, where you can find a place of kings and queens, nobles and peasants. 

The people who welcomed us were sumptuously dressed up with typical clothes -  long tunics, cloaks and trousers.

The atmosphere is authentic, exclusive and every detail counts. The harmony between the warm feeling of the candles and the cold of the stone walls is indescribable. The tables are collective, inviting all the guests to interact. The torches around us have a soft light which creates a sensation of living a historical fairytale. 

You may be thinking about what you can expect from the food and this is definitely one key factor that leads us to the deepest experience. 

Our first option was a cheese and sausage board, accompanied by cider and craft beer! If you dare, you should try frog legs, that seems to us as a great alternative.

Secondly, we decided to taste a bowl of soup with mushrooms and chestnut, which thrills our palate. Also, if you don’t believe in witches, you should try the meat dish, served with witch sauce. You must believe us, this combination is proof that they really exist and have been living here.

There are many other delicious possibilities and we invite you to discover every flavour. 

We ended with a curd pie and a nice surprise - the merchant’s delight. 

Taverna Antiqua celebrates the history and the past. Every characteristic is a unique ingredient to guide us into a wonderful experience. Here, the past becomes present and you can share genuine moments on the table. 

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