Portugal: Entrudo Chocalheiro, Caretos de Podence
  •  28-02-2022 14:20

There are traditions we must preserve, right? The ancient Carnival in the village of Podence, northern Portugal, is one of them.

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The Historical Villages of Portugal: Welcome to Marialva!
  •  21-01-2022 18:12

On top of the hill, Marialva greets visitors with attractiveness, which just ancient places have: the imposing castle, narrow streets, and robust stone buildings. Time has definitely stopped in Marialva, and rightly so.

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Portugal: explore the monumental Santuário da Peneda
  •  19-01-2022 18:05

In the heart of Peneda Gerês National Park, surrounded by a magnificent natural environment, there is a monumental sanctuary: Santuário da Peneda.

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Casal de São Simão: discover the one-street Portuguese Village
  •  18-01-2022 16:21

Casal de São Simão is a small village of just one street! The village is located in Figueiró dos Vinhos, in the mountainous hillsides of Serra da Lousã.

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