•  15-01-2022 14:34

Authentic, beautiful, and quiet, Pitões das Júnias is one of these traditional villages, surrounded by a majestic landscape, where time seems to stop.

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  •  15-12-2021 10:08

Cascais is a charming Portuguese village, with the perfect seaside location. Cascais is gorgeous, and it looks like an idyllic place to spend wonderful moments. Ready?

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  •  11-12-2021 14:45

Ponte do Mineiro is an old bridge, located in Argozelo, that was used by the miners who worked in the mines of Ribeira. The bridge has 35 meters in length, and it is suspended 10 meters above the Sabor River.

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  •  11-12-2021 14:35

Castelo de Outeiro is located in a rural area, at the top of Monte do Castelo, on a hill 800 meters high.

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