Pure Nature

  •  17-09-2021 17:30

In the heart of Picos de Europa National Park, Fuente Dé Cable Car takes us through the most vertiginous ascent to a wonderland kingdom.

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  •  19-05-2021 16:23

The Italian Dolomites are a treasure for those who are completely passionate about breathtaking landscapes. Lago di Sorapis is one of its preciousness.

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  •  26-03-2021 21:10

There’re no doubts, the beautiful Asturian landscapes have caught my heart since the first moment.

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  •  02-09-2020 00:00

If there are elves and fairies living somewhere, they are living here in Fragas do Eume, hidden but lurking around, between the immensity shades of green and the murmur of Eume river.

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  •  08-09-2021 16:33

Caminito del Rey is located nearby Málaga, Andalusia. It’s a linear trail, with almost 8 kilometers. The natural surroundings are breathtaking and, most important, the entire route has been restored.

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  •  07-09-2021 14:57

Costa Nova is picturesque, colorful, with that pleasant atmosphere the beachside places have, perfect for filling your heart with joy.

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  •  11-08-2021 18:23

“Camino de Hierro” is located in Salamanca, more precisely in the district of Abadengo, right in the heart of the Arribes del Duero Natural Park.

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  •  10-08-2021 14:15

Aveiro is one of these places: colorful, unique, and romantic, with so much to do and see.

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